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Training Clinics: Terms and conditions

Registration and payment

  • You must agree to all of the Training Cesar’s Way terms and conditions to apply for attendance.
  • Registering for the Clinics does not guarantee your participation. All dogs must be screened and approved to attend the Clinics. If we have any questions about your dog, we may contact you by email or telephone.
  • Your credit card will not be charged for the Clinic until after your dog has been approved for participation.
  • The Clinics have limited capacity. Registrations are processed on a first-come, first-served basis, reviewed in the order they are received.
  • If your registration for a Clinic is approved, we will email you instructions and other information, including directions to the Dog Psychology Center and how to submit your dog’s vaccination records.
  • If you cannot attend a Clinic as planned, we will work with you and schedule you for a future Clinic. See our refund policy for more information.

Dog screening and attendance

  • Before registering for a Clinic, please review its prerequisites and other information to be certain your dog is suitable.
  • During Clinic registration, you will provide essential information about your dog. TCW trainers will review that information to ensure that the Clinic is appropriate for your dog (and your dog appropriate for the Clinic).
  • Your dog must be spayed or neutered to attend the Clinics. No exceptions, please.
  • No severely dog- or people-aggressive dogs are permitted.  Certain other behavior issues are also prohibited.
  • If your dog is approved, you must provide proof of your dog's current vaccinations and immunizations before you may attend.
  • If approved, you are wholly responsible for your dog’s care, supervision, safekeeping and behavior during the Clinics.
  • Misrepresentation of your dog’s suitability for participation in the Clinics may result in dismissal from the program without a refund.

Refund policy

  • If you cancel your registration more than 30 days before your Clinics begin, you will receive a full refund (minus a $25 processing fee), issued as a refund to your credit card or by check.
  • If you cancel within 30 days before your Clinics begin, we are unable to provide a refund.  We will work with you to schedule you for another Clinics session.

Other terms and conditions

  • Training Cesar's Way reserves the right to change, add or modify the topics of the Clinics at our discretion to suit the needs of the students.
  • If enrollment for a particular Clinic is too low, Training Cesar's Way reserves the right to cancel the Clinic and/or adjust the program schedule. We will work with you to enroll you in an equivalent Clinic convenient to you.
  • The Clinics require a significant amount of physical activity. Walks and other training occur on rustic dirt roads and trails, in hot or cold weather depending upon season. You and your dog should be ready for such levels of exercise.
  • All Training Cesar’s Way Clinics may be photographed and videotaped for various purposes.  All participants must sign a release (or releases) permitting the use of their images.