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Mastering the Walk

“The Walk,” says Cesar, “is the single most important activity you can share with your dog – the most rewarding and productive time in your relationship.” Yet problems with the Walk are one of the most common misbehaviors people report. This on-leash Course will help you and your dog find the balance you both want.


All You Need to Know About Mastering the Walk

What is it?
A hands-and-feet-on, paws-and-leash-on Course that will help you and your dog make the Walk everything it can be.

What you and your dog will learn:

You will learn how to teach your dog to walk at your side, to keep him/her from tugging, and to correct when necessary. You’ll also learn ways to maintain the calm and assertive energy that promotes a balanced relationship.

When it meets:

One session every week for six weeks. See registration form for schedule.

What it costs:

$600.00 per dog.

Who it's for (humans):
Everyone, including children at least seven years old (under parental supervision). No prior dog training experience is required. One friend or family member may join you as an observer, to a maximum of two people per dog.

Who it’s for (dogs):
Dogs must be at least five months old. Proof of current vaccinations is required. All energy levels are welcome.

What to Bring:
Mastering the Walk is a highly active Course. You and your dog will take many walks on the roads and trails of the Dog Psychology Center – so wear sturdy shoes and comfortable, casual clothes. Your dog must be on a short leash; no flexi-leads or harnesses, please.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a special type of collar or leash?
For the first day’s session, bring a short leash and your dog’s usual collar. We will recommend equipment for subsequent sessions as necessary.
Exactly how much walking will we be doing?
Plan on at least one mile at each session, although some sessions will be shorter. While our Walks take place in the mornings and evenings, be prepared for warm temperatures during the summer and brisk weather during the winter.
I haven’t walked my dog for months because she is so much trouble. Is this Course for us?
This Course is exactly for you! We look forward to helping you and your dog discover the magic of the Walk.
I have a little Yorkie. Is he appropriate for this Course?
Yorkies are as welcome as Great Danes. If your small (or big) dog is unaccustomed to much walking – especially on rustic surfaces – we suggest equipping him/her with booties to protect tender paws.