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Puppy Socialization

Puppies need us to be the best Pack Leaders we can be, providing them with protection and direction; appropriate rules, boundaries and limitations; and an especially calm and assertive energy. This Course will help you get off on the right foot -- and your pride-and-joy off on the right paw!


All You Need to Know About Puppy Socialization

What is it?
Puppy Socialiation is a fun, on- and off-leash, activity-based course for young puppies and their human companions.

What you and your puppy will learn:

You will learn to teach your puppy how to approach -- with calm and submissive behavior -- other dogs, humans, and inanimate objects that excite and/or scare him. You will learn how to be a Pack Leader to your pup, setting rules, boundaries, and limitations and projecting calm, assertive energy when teaching your puppy.

When it meets:

One session every week for six weeks. See registration form for schedule.

What it costs:

$600.00 per dog.

Who it's for (humans):
Everyone, including children at least seven years old (under parental supervision). No prior dog training experience is required. One friend or family member may join you as an observer, to a maximum of two people per dog.

Who it’s for (puppies):
Puppies must be at least 12 weeks old and no older than 9 months of age. All puppies must have fully completed their DHPP and bordatella vaccinations.  Puppies older than six months must also have received their rabies vaccinations. Proof of vaccinations is required.

What to Bring:
Yourself, in comfortable, casual clothes and sturdy footwear. Your puppy, on a short leash with a leather or nylon flat collar, or slip lead (preferred). No choke chains, studded collars, flexi-leads or harnesses, please. An optional friend or family member (maximum two people per dog). And lots of calm and assertive energy!

Frequently Asked Questions

My puppy is almost nine months old. Can I bring her to this Course?
If your pup is already this old, she’s ready to join the “big dogs” in our Obedience, Socializing Your Dog I and/or Mastering the Walk Courses.
Our puppy was a gift to our eight-year-old daughter, so we’d like her to be the main participant in this Course. Can we do that?
Yes. Puppy Socialiation is not only ideal for puppies, but it’s a wonderful way for children to learn to be Pack Leaders for life. Because children are more instinctual than adults, they can often be as or even more effective with puppies than their parents. And this Course is a great way to establish a lasting bond between puppy and child. Your child can participate in all activities of this Course under your supervision.
I really want my puppy to be comfortable around other dogs and people. Will he learn this?
Yes, indeed. That’s the essence of this Course. Your puppy will meet and interact with more puppies and people (in a controlled environment) than is otherwise possible.